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Friday, November 01, 2002

partying way too much this week. I don't even know why. normally I'm more of a hermit than a party animal but htis week i've become so get up and go. J came into my room tuesday nightand was like we're going to a swing dance now. 2 minutes to dress. and i did. and we did go and mind you this was a swing dance in another twon. not even some young party thing a proper dance in a proper dance hall.
and then there was yesterday.. I suppose the excuse is that it was halloween. so yeah I went to upstairs PW to see the bands play. serge's band was playing and it was great. *grin* and then after that there was the midnight organ concert. went with f, and J, and s and then ran into ben there. so didn't get to sleep till 2am despite having 9am classes. I really need to study for my midterm next week. maybe it's just cause I don' twant to think. filling up my life sounds pretty good.

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