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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The meaning of life

"What are you supposed to do in life? You're born, you eat, you sleep... what else are you supposed to do?" I was watching honey and clover and this struck me as a question for which there is no real answer. Is the meaning of human life merely to propogate our species?

It's so easy to get caught up in this you go to work, you eat, you sleep, you go to school, you go to more school so you can do more work. What's the meaning behind it all? Maybe there isn't one. And if so, then wouldn't it be just fine if we can all just do what we'd like to do? But Life isn't so simple. Maybe what you'd like to do wouldn't lead you to be able to eat and sleep well and so you have to find something you'd like to do a little less.

I'm trying to weigh the costs and benefits. Would doing business school really get me where I want to go? Do I even know where I want to go? Maybe that's the real question. I've a feeling that that one will take me my entire life to answer.

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