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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Whenever I get upset, or my heart is deeply unquiet, I have this abiding need to create. It used to be poetry but my words have long since abandoned my unfocused distracted mind. Right now, I just really want my paints.

However, I am in the office - the source of my need to paint, and therefore have contented myself with looking for an art program online, the better to flesh out my design for my next art project. I am going to paint a dresser.

That may have seemed like it came out of nowhere but where it really came out from was a combination of 3 things. Ikea is relatively cheap. Painted white dresser is already covered with an acrylic base i.e. no need to prime. White is a boring colour anyway.

The design that I have tentatively come up with is going to be called the forest of thorns (not that anybody is going to get that reference). I would come up with a more friendly happy design for something that's going to be placed in my house but I can't bring myself to paint anything that friendly or happy.

In any case, I get to put the cost of this project down to therapy which at $200 an hour, I certainly can't afford.

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