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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

sooo soooo sooo drained after the weekend but since I had fun I guess I can't complian. what I can complain about is ALL the work that I have left to do!! Aaargh it's like everything just decided to accumulate at once. So here's what I have left to do...

major 15 page Noh report and presentation
Japanese survey, report and presentation
Japanese presentation (alone)
Report on what i did with the money the center gave me to travel :-p
Kanji Test
Tons of performances and performance reports after :-p

aargh. mostly in order of descending piorities.

On a good note I did have a good halloween :-p Halloween was great. I dressed up as a cat with like self made cat ears and face makeup. We had a great party and then jp, brett and I went down to the river. for some reason we always end up there. Oh right also forgot to mention that danny, jp and I trekked around the whole of the downtown area looking for costumes for me and Jp and danny WAS in costume. to be more precise a school girl's uniform.. whoo. did that attract stares. I think dillon really took the cake though. he was dressed as a french girl and he was GOOD. some of those moves.. well lets just say that us girls can't do them and he can :-p esp the strip dancing on the table.

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