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Friday, March 07, 2003

had a usual day I guess. found out we are going ot have a japanese midterm but not the format it's going to take yet. Let's see.. what else.. hmm... my computer's back. hooray! after a loong week. my harddisk is gone though so I have to refind every single program or driver on my ocmputer and install.. every song that I really liked. yes it's very sad. oh well. at least now I can start again in making my computer neat. I always start out with having a really neat hardrive. just like I usually start out with a neat room. and neat as in everyhting in its place.. well neat. and then evetually everything gets too messy. too it's credit my computer usually stays a lot neater than my room. I guess mostly because my internal life is usally better straightened out than my external. in terms of beliefs, of right and wrong.. well almost everything really.
9 days till I turn 21. 9 days till derek comes visit

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