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Thursday, January 01, 2004

lol. Good Morning Everybody. and Happy New Year to you.
Akemashite Omedetou gozaimasu. Kotoshimo yuroshiku Onegaishimasu.
This would be encoding except I'm too lazy to find the Japanese encoding function.

Anyway back to my thoughts last night.

On LOTR 3:
I think my favourite part must have been the ghost army. Just because skulls are cool. Or at least those ones are. I have to admit that I liked that arc much better than I liked the Frodo arc. Sam and Frodo def. got a bit on my nerves not because as sylfien says they're probably gay but just because I like my emotions understated rather than overstated. and the human arc had more of that. Less carrying on :-p no wonder my survey came out more male than female.

On apartment:
Now auditioning future roommates for apartment of our own sometime in future when I get a job.
I really want to move out. probably unsingaporean of me but I do. I want an apartment to call home. Fun fluffy roommates who share the same tastes in furnishing and expensive tastes lol. i admit that I go in for GOOD food. I also want a playstation whatever number it will be at. Maybe not that expensive but definitely not "normal gardenia bread" or walls ice cream :-p
It'll def. be good ice cream and good bread.
Yeah I admit that has to be a reason why I decided to be practical and not pursue art. I couldn't afford the lifestyle I want to live otherwise.

On resolutions for next year:
I never really believed in or made resolutions because they fade so easily. But I do have one for next year and that is to be more social at brown. I love my friends and I admit I am pretty social in asia but I really need to overcome the whole social state at brown and come out of my shell. maybe not as a social butterfly but just enough to socialise. well if i start throwing up next semester from the disgustingness of the people I actually have to talk to because of this resolution you'll know why :-p.

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