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Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Few Good Men...

For some reason I have a knack of finding guys who are absurdly nice. What brought on this comment? V just walked me home, carrying two bags of groceries for me the whole way. This was a 40 min walk from Chinatown, and 15 min of that walk was out of his way since he lives closer there than I do.

Yesterday, Lady Red noticed a guy in passing who crossed over to the passenger side of the car, openned the door for his gf, before going back to the other side to get in the car, saying that such guys were rare. It got me thinking that I actually do know guys who do that, and not just one but a large portion of the guys I know would actually do that.

So while the other three girls in my college posse are complaining about all guys being egocentric jerks or "incredibly dense male" type, I've never had a problem finding nice guys who do all the little things. The question then becomes, is part of that because Asian guys are more likely to be sensitive and gentlemenly?

Judging from the complaints of Singaporean women everywhere and the typical Singaporean "So you want to get a HDB flat?" proposal, I wouldn't normally think so. Perhaps then, that it is a subset of Asian men that have that quality, and if so then is there some reason I meet all of them?

If I could isolate and market that reason, I'd be a very rich girl with lots of grateful thank you letters. As it is, I'm left wondering why I am the one who meets all of these guys, when I can't date any of them and the single friends I have only seem to meet the egocentric jerk type.


Anonymous said...

*lol* I suggest you find a way of isolating your "method" and marketing it. Or if you can't, do the next better thing and market the guys you find *lol* There's lots of money in that industry.

Asphodel said...
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Asphodel said...

I wonder how many thank you letters you'd really get. Most of the men I know who behave 'gallantly' are exactly like the egotistical, dense and, in the worst case, abusive men that your girl friends complain about. I don't think this is the right place for an extended rant so the rest of my thoughts are on my blog.

wandering.girl said...

lol I have to admit that for some reason the ones I meet are really sweethearts and doing it not because they want to get in your pants but simply because they are being "nice".