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Saturday, November 19, 2005

The reason why I work so much

is that at least work is clean simple and satisfying.

I just hung up on Lady J, who was whining and wanted to stay close to home. I hate it when people make me organize something saying sure why don't you call person A B and C and set up lunch or dinner and then complain and want me to change things when its done.

If you are so damn fussy, you can set everything up and do the calling yourself.

I have a good mind to just ignore everyone else and have this one day to myself.

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J. said...

Hear, Hear. :p

although work is not clean simple and satisfying for me, but frequently involves calling up A, B and C and co-ordinating between them, because A and B are not talking to C or to each other, and C is talking to himself. -rolls eyes-