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Sunday, January 23, 2005


it's snowing outside and the wind is going strong and absolutely NOONE is steppint outside in this weather. To give you an idea the snow is already about a foot or so high... and it's supposed to have 20-30 inches total by the end of the snow. :-p 2 and a half feet of SNOW!

lol. so yeah we're snowbound for a while and I just figured out why new englanders built their houses with the front door several steps up.... because already the first few steps are covered, by the end of the snow i'm not sure how we're going to open the front door. Actually wait.. our front door opens in..

lol okay so we're going to open the door and face.... a wall of snow

either way.. everything's quiet except for the wind. I'm not sure how or when they can plow and when people can start getting back to campus.. but for me who's already here.. it's kinda fun sitting in the house in the middle of the blizzard and just watching it pile up.

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