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Monday, September 08, 2003

hello everyone again. *waves madly*
yep it' s me again surprise surprise. basically I blog when I bother to lugh my huge heavy laptop to school. which I'm beginning to think may not be that often. it is heavy. well not really heavy but heavy enough for me.
anyway so I went to book-off yesterday and bought 3 mangas. they're not as good as karekano though *sob sob* but we'll see whether they get better. I really have to go buy 12 of KareKano. I need to find out what happened to tsubasa and kazuma. I like Kazuma. he's cool.
hmm.. as usual I get the feeling that I eat too much here. but i don't htink I've actually gained much weight. like maybe half a kg. I need to def. started working them off more or something.
On the classes front, I still haven't decided what to do yet.... On one hand I really don't wnat to take the politics class but on the other it might be easier to score than in the other classes. maybe I'll take the philosophy class. I'm slightly scared of the noh and kyogen class.

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