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Sunday, September 07, 2003

September 3rd.. 9pm..

I�m sitting here in my host family�s house in Japan where I�ll be spending the next three months of my life and already I can barely believe that a week has past. We have yet to settle into our schedule of daily life so I guess this still all has a slightly holiday feel to me, not to mention the lack of homework yet. Well, this will all pass all to soon. Actual Japanese classes start tomorrow. We did the placement test and I placed a lot higher than I thought. I�m presently in D class. The classes here are arranged in descending order from F, which consists of two people who are fluent. As a result I am actually kekko high on the placement order which scares me a little. On one hand I want to learn as much as possible and hopefully place in level 2 JLPT at the end of the year but on the other I don�t want to do badly on tests and things..
Well back to the original point, which was host family. I guess life is pretty good. I live pretty far from school but I don�t really mind the commute. I might mind more when school starts and I actually have homework but for the moment it�s alright. At least I�m getting exercise and I need it! Okasan�s food is sooo good. I�ve had a different kind of Japanese food each day for dinner! I�m definitely going to get fat if I don�t exercise. So I guess the combined two hours of working each day has a use after all!
My Japanese would hopefully get better across time as my host family doesn�t speak much English at all. As for the Center, well all the American students tend to speak English to each other *grin*
Can�t wait to get my Kei Tai.. that�s a handphone. And I really need one here since I don�t even have use of a home phone!

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