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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Okay a couple of responses to e.e.:

On reading for pleasure: hon, as much as we like to pretend otherwise, most people in college don't have time to read for pleasure. you're lucky that you read fast enough to be able to enjoy the privilege. In any case, for classes in humanities imagine having to read a book a week for each class and then wonder where in the world people find time or brain power to read outside that and still process the new ideas. As a science major, at least phillosphy and history and all are pretty different but to a hummanities major, there are enough new ideas in the material on the reading list.

On Government: lol, you're more a conspiracy theorist than I am. Or maybe you've more faith in the government's abilities and power. To me, you can't do anything everywhere, there are always elements you can't control where people are concerend. I don't belive in real life vetinaris. I'm not sure what I believe as regards that issue. :-p

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