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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Today is happy. well mostly because i did well in my labor econ midterm afterall and screwed up the curve for the class.. as my friends so happily accuse me of doing :-p. (It's rare enough for me to top a class that I'm still happy about it) but also because I get free good indian food for dinner as part of being a tutor. It's actually a study break for brown tutoring. I like this whole perks idea. esp. when it's free food. food makes me happy.

On other news, am trying to persuade Fire that she should date this cetain freshman who emailed her out of the blue and asked her out for tea. isn't actually as exciting as it seems becasue we don't exactly know the freshman's intentions but she sounds welll-balanced and cool and I think my ex-roommate deserves someone well-balanced and cool. lol.

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