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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

On New York:

I'm back from a short (extremely short) trip to new york to see Gypsy, a broadway musical. In actuality the reason was to drop off Lady J's old car and pick up her new one. But the trip was worth it just to see the musical although I can't say I'd be doing that again anytime soon. It's a pretty long drive down for a show.

Driving through the streets of New York somehow reminded me of being in Tokyo. Being in a big city. I decided a long time back that I was meant to be a city girl. I love exploring cities, turning up strange and cool places and simply wandering around, getting lost and getting found again. However, I'm not sure that New York would ever be that city. Although I mostly only saw it by car, and granted it was the winter time, I don't think New York would ever be somewhere that I would like to live.

Maybe I've been spoilt by Tokyo. I wanted NY to be vibrant, cool, and happening. I wanted it to have people walking on the streets that looked happy to be there. I wanted it to be a city without the business side i guess, but all I managed to see was the boring "normal" life that people with money could live. Give me harajuku anytime :-p

Then again, I was there with Lady J's dad and step mom. I suppose it would be drastically different if i went to college there. Or simply just went to stay with friends.