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Sunday, February 01, 2004

dang. notes are down. oh well it was a good system while it lasted. I'm temporarily not taking the notes function down yet even though i know you can't leave notes because I am harbouring this faint hope it might go back out.
lady j broke up yesterday, so we all went out to a party and stayed out till like 3.30am when it was freezing cold. Even though she says she thinks she did the right thing, she's still pretty broken up. hopefully it gets better.

Sometimes I feel like I definitely need to do more stuff in school. i mean fire has a bunch of stuff and lady J has her dancing but what do I have? there's this pressure to get more involved. I don't know. I hate getting involved for the sake of having something to do. I want the stuff we do to consume me, to make me want to devote my life to it not something I do because I have the free time, and somehow i just haven't found anything like that at brown yet.

above all at the moment I think I miss having a center full of 45 people of which mostly at least one of your friends is always around. it's kind of lonely back here when there are far less people. and also kind of sad i guess, that I don't think the center people were for the most part close enough that we would keep in constant contact even after we left. I still have cbear but somehow it's not the same as having classes at the same place everyday and having lunch with friends all the time.

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