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Friday, August 05, 2005

16 days

That's how many days it has been since my cheque has been posted. *sigh* I begin to fear it really has been stolen. Alas at the moment I've decided there's nothing to it but sitting it out. If it is still not here by mid week I shall ask my company if anyone has cashed it and if not could they possibly void it and issue me another one. Hopefully that would work.

I now officially have cable, and internet. Well, I had internet before but that was stolen internet and entirely not the same :-p. In any case, my computer (and not my laptop) now has internet and I spent the morning downloading and installing patches and such for it. Netflix has not yet sent me my first dvds (even though I ordered them yesterday and on their site they say they'll send them on Monday. Darned. In the meantime I shall create an extensive Netflix list. If they aren't efficient about it I might jump ship to Blockbuster and get the added benefit of two instore rentals a month.

Incidentally, the neighbourhood I live in is nice. It's just behind the main road so it looks like a pretty quiet residential kind of neighbourhood. For those of you that know Boston, the mainroad I am talking about is Mass Ave, just at the junction where Boylston and Newbury are. This means MAJORLY busy. So all the main stores and busyness are less than ten minutes away from me, while I get the benefit of having a nice residential sort of area which is quiet and has a large CVS, TrueValue, and a Wholefoods. Shaws is a bit of a walk so I suspect that I won't shop there as often. I'll be sorry if I have to move out of this place next year.

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