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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Since I'm mad at you at the moment and I'm not mean enough to actually send this off or maybe I am we'll see. this is where it goes.

Firstly, I'm disappointed in you. I expected better of you but I can see that obviously expecting friendship or rationality or even courage out of you is asking too much.
Not fair? fine. This is what I say. if you're going to be mad at me. at least find the courage to do it to my face. Even better, maybe if you had done that then you would have heard both sides of a story. Which I would only expect out of any intelligent being.
So apparently, you don't think of me enough as a friend to 1. say things to my face. 2. actually talk to me. 3. bother to find out anything

maybe that makes you not worth being a friend to. I don't know. you tell me.
That is of course, assuming you ever gather up enough backbone to come look for me.

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