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Friday, January 31, 2003

Had a good time yesterday at the first lindy lesson and mostly I'll have to admit was because I got to dance with good dancers. I mean I have swing down now and basically all I do is follow so it's lots of fun to dance with a good dancer in swing.. but having only done the basic step, you'd think I couldn't do much in lindy right? wrong! it was amazing. I was dancing with S and we started out normal and then he started putting in all kinds of turns and just really improvised moves some of which borrowed from swing the rest of it lindy. it was AMAZING. like all i had to do was follow and keep doing my basic step and I guess since I can reasonably follow in swing it helped in lindy too. *grin* like it was so much fun. even though I got so dizzy cause the lindy basic is to spin round and round really. the room was spinning around me and all I could concentrate on was doing the steps in response and where my partner was. I did catch like two couples looking at us. wow. *grin* I am so used to being the one doing the looking. but they were looking to try and see the steps we were doing. :-p yeah I know huge stroke to ego. even if as chris says, it's the guy who makes the girl look good. and how. i mean I can barely even remember the basic step and there I was doing these complicated moves!! *grin* I even got megan addicted and she's HARD. and I got chris to wish he would come too. I scored last night. to drag two unwillings to kind of wish they would come reguarly. I know it'll wear off by next week but that was a work of art!

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